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Athletic and non-athletic coaching
Life Consulting
Mindfulness Coaching

Many aspects of life are physically, mentally and emotionally challenging.  In The Zone Performance is here to help you navigate obstacles that could impair your performance on the field, in the boardroom, or in your own mind.

Through telecounseling, mental skills training, and mindfulness exercises, we will work together to give you the mental and emotional strength you need to conquer your fears, your pain, your anxiety and your insecurity.

Felicia Hope Cate



Issues Helped with Telecounseling

Felicia Hope Cate, M.S. Psychology

Anxiety Issues

Everyone has these from time to time and they can affect performance and mental health.  I can help you learn to regulate your emotions and be able to stay calm and focused.

By bringing balance back to your mental well-being,  you will have a better grasp on life's ups and downs, be able to handle to deal with pain/defeat, and be able to deal with tough issues/projects with a calm mindset.


By understanding your strengths and weaknesses, you can learn where to focus your intentions for better overall performance and self-control.

Dwelling on mistakes, doubting personal performance and bringing life problems into the work place, the playing field and your hobbies can affect your sense of worth and performance.  This can manifest in excessive worry, stress, anxiety and emotional outbursts.

Peak Performance 

By understanding yourself better and using the skills taught, you will learn how to deal with anxiety, appreciate yourself and use your strengths.

Improved focus, motivation, confidence and composure under pressure help you to overcome the fear of failure.  Health and fitness is not only about your physical health, your mind and emotions need just as much attention and care.


Felicia Hope Cate, M.S.

Psychology with a specialization in Sport Psychology

Life Consulting

Mental Skills Coach

Mindfulness Coach


All services are designed improve mental health, be able to deal with pain and defeat, learn mindfulness techniques to help overcome fear and anxiety and give you the mental skills needed for peak performance.

Through telecounseling, we will work together to help put things into perspective and help you understand your anxieties.  Using mental skills, mindfulness exercises and counseling, we will work together to boost confidence and help you to be mentally stronger.

Sessions are $40.00 per 1/2 hour.  Payment options are: cash, check and paypal.  Team contracts are avaliable.

Sessions are done through email, text, phone and face-to-face where avaliable.

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